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Cookies are files stored on your hard drive that hold statistical information about your usage of the internet; they are used by us to provide statistical information about your IP, browser usage and use of our website and those websites leading to and from ours. Cookies do not hold any personal information rather they aggregate anonymously the information stated above for statistical purpose and to improve the functionality of the website in ways best suited to your needs.

The website traffic information is statistical and may be used to improve our website. Without acceptance of our use of cookies you may not be able to use our website in entirety. Cookies cause no disruptions to your use of the internet or browser; cookies can be used to help identify you so that you can access the website and its contents with more ease and security. Some cookies will only be kept for the time that you visit our site; other cookies will be specifically saved for use by our statistical analysis team or by third parties for a fee or in exchange of information.

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