Business Solutions

Enumis support a myriad of business and corporate solutions. From card based to eWallets and virtual and real current accounts


  • Avoid maintaining cash reserves for employees without a bank account
  • Issue a physical card (in a single currency or multicurrency) for each individual
  • Open current accounts for each employee
  • Batch payments to card or current accounts using our API

Expense Management

  • Issue cards to employees to travel and expenses
  • Replace petty cash
  • Utilise one time virtual cards to reduce fraud and risk
  • Enhanced Reporting and Analytics
  • Data reports in a variety of formats for import into accounting software
  • Instant and batch loads to multiple cards
  • Foreigh Exchange management using multicurrency cards

Commission, Affiliate and Pay out

  • Issue cards as a payment method
  • Hold stock of instant issue cards
  • Meet regulatory requirements where KYC requirements or cash restrictions apply
  • Governmental pay out cards
  • Pay international contractors or affiliates

Fully Branded Card Product

  • Co-brand and secondary co-branding
  • Branded card designs
  • Branded PIN mailers
  • Branded SMS banking
  • Branded IVR 24/7 call centre

Compliance and KYC Services

  • Benefit from using our KYC platform and services for key relationships such as investors and high value transactions with customers/suppliers
  • The Fourth Money Laundering Directive, EMD4 puts many more businesses into scope of the regulation
  • Sanction and PEP checks via our Portal or API
  • KYC ChecksĀ via our Portal or API
  • Enhanced Due Diligence Checks
  • Compliance Training
  • Complete Compliance Policy Documentation
  • Card and Payment Scheme Compliance and risk management
  • Extensive internal database
  • Proprietary Transaction Monitoring System
  • Analytics of level three data from card scheme payments to assist with AML compliance