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The Privacy Policy information is provided to inform you of the way in which we collect personal information provided to us by you or third parties and the ways in which that information may be used by us or third parties and the security obligations entailed. For the purposes of this document "Us", "We" and "Our" is in reference to Enumis Ltd

The information provided by you may be used by us to improve our website usability and to provide better customer service. Third parties may be referred providing information of products that may be of interest to you, if you do not require third party referrals please let us know.

Any changes in personal information will also be stored and a note of the change will be recorded. The information we obtain is but not limited to: name, address, date of birth, email address, contact number(s), website usage, preferences & interests, credit & financial history, county court judgements, bankruptcies, browser usage, operating system, IP address, Internet Service Provider, user demographic information, statistical information about your use of our services. The information of which may be disclosed to regulators, lawyers, auditors, court judgements, anti-money laundering and fraud prevention agencies, the UK National Criminal Intelligence Service (NCIS) and the police. We fully comply with the Electronic Commerce Directive (EC Directive) 2002, the Consumer Protection Regulations 2000 and we are also regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). All information provided will be transferable assets in the case of our takeover.

Any service offered and accepted will be a legal contract between us and you; all services promised must be rendered as and when required. All changes in terms you will be notified of by email and text on the day of posting changes in service provision and the terms of use, changes will take immediate effect on the moment of posting.

The information provided by you may be used for marketing purposes by us or third parties in such instance the Privacy Policy of third party recipients of information will be required to work in line with the Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions of our Website and Services and Security Policy available on this Website regardless of the terms and laws restricted by location.

We will only contact you by SMS or email, we never post unless requested to do so. The information you provide will be held for as long as you have an account with us after which to be removed from our database you must inform us, we are legally obliged to hold such information for a minimum of 6 years.

To prevent fraud your information may be used to monitor potentially illegal transactions. If you wish to inform us at any stage of our contract that you do not wish for your information to be used other than for the purpose of the contract then we will not disclose your information except to crime and fraud prevention agencies with authority as duty bound by English Law.

We do reserve the right to allow our firms subsidiaries or acquisitions full access of your information as an asset and therefore in its entirety as defined in section 736 of the UK Companies Act 1985.

Credit rating agencies may require your information to assess the risk of providing credit, this is not a credit check and your information will not be provided if expressly stated in writing.

Information you obtain through links may be subject to Privacy Policy that is different to ours and therefore we cannot be responsible for any hindrance caused as a result of this difference. The Freedom of Information Act 2000 is lawfully granted on request all information we hold will be provided to you for a fee subject to the administrative costs which depending on the size and age of the information.

Neither the internet nor email activity is secure largely due to unregulated activity, your internet security software being out of date or inadequate and the fact that some websites may if visited compromise the security of your personal information, we will not be held responsible in such cases, we do however enact transactions and transfer of information through our website with the most up to date security protocols.

The encryption system we use is a 256-bit and the variation of encryptions are beyond calculate, the padlock symbol in the address bar will symbolise when this encryption system is in effect. The encryption method is regularly tested by a team specialising in internet security. Older browser will not have the same level of protection for which the website can still be used securely; we may restrict or deny access to user with an old browser that is unable to comply with the necessary levels of encryption. We also use the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) for the transfer of information to and from our website servers; this can be noted by https rather than http in address bar of your browser.

Those below the age of 18 can only provide their details if they have someone 18 or over with an account willing to hold the person below the minimum age as an additional account holder, any information provided by those below the age of 18 years will be discarded.

We fully comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 (the Act) and our company ICO registration entry is: Z2767919

If we require your participation in a survey you are not obliged to participate the information of which you provide in this instance will be used although your personal details will not be disclosed, this will be provided to third parties, Google and other statistical analysts we employ.

You must comply with the Terms and Conditions of use of products, services and information provided to you by us in our Terms and Conditions it is expressly stated should you make legible in any way the access information to your account even by choosing a password that may be easily linked to your personal details you will have abused the service and will not receive any compensation for loss or damage to your property. You must choose a password that cannot be guessed, change your password every 6 months, always have an anti-virus software, do not send personal information to anyone even us. Remember to log out of the website before you leave your computer, by being in a contract with us you agree the responsibility of strict confidentiality of all personal information in relation to our contract.

Be informed of how those involved in identity fraud operate in order to avoid being tricked. Although extremely unlikely as we monitor account transactions 24 hours a day every day of the year, if however you have been a victim of fraud you are protected in that we will recompense all your loses relating to fraud on our account provided you do not neglect your responsibilities of cautious usage of your access information as set out in our Terms and Conditions. You must never provide information by those posing as us; remember that we will never contact you requesting information such as your date of birth or account access details. It is imperative that you forward such requests to us at one of our offices as soon as you can. For your protection we will automatically lock an attempt to access your account if 3 failed attempts occur, in order to have this lock removed you must contact us verifying personal information before being granted access.

This Websites accessibility is not bound by browser usage or operating systems, if you are experiencing any difficulties with this websites accessibility please do let us know. The most effective screen resolution for this website is 1024x768; however 800x600 may also suffice. Downloadable documents will require a PDF reader.

If this Privacy Policy does not satisfy your requirements or if you have any questions then please do contact us. Please note that we will not change our Privacy Policy and objections will be the same as a cancellation request.

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