Our Solutions

The ever increasing functionality of e-money products has led to exponential growth in demand within the U.K. and Europe. Enumis offers a range of products to suit a variety of needs, and audiences.

Business Solutions

We also provide solutions to accomodate the needs of businesses of all sizes. Create your own product targetting the needs of small to medium sized businesses from payroll to corporate expenditure.

In today's business environment, it is not just Financial Institutions that are subject to compliance regulations. Enumis can ensure that, as a business, you are kept 100% up to date with all financial compliance regulations. We can provide the systems and tools to assist your business stay compliant.

Consumer Solutions

If you are looking to launch a product for individuals looking for an alternative method of manage finances, or are looking for an off the shelf solution for your clients we have a suitable product. Create your own solution and product incorporating any mix of credit or e-money products from Mastercard or VISA cards to current accounts or loan accounts.

Bespoke Services

If you are looking to establish your own unique solution, with or without Mastercard or VISA debit, prepaid or credit card programme, our bespoke solutions page explains the options available to you.

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