Bespoke Services

At Enumis we know that 'one size fits all' cannot apply to banking requirements, whether commercial or private.
Whatever you needs, at Enumis we are able to listen to what you want and provide a tailor made solution.

Card Issuance

As an approved Mastercard issuer, we can provide BIN sponsorship to the following:

  • businesses and organisations who are not financial institutions, but who wish to run their own pre-paid card programmes
  • other financial institutions who are not Mastercard members
  • lenders who wish to issue credit card products

Some of the benefits of BIN sponsorship:

  • configure a BIN in a variety of different ways to suit your product requirements in terms of settlements and issuance country
  • ensure portability of the entire portfolio in one process as you can migrate a BIN to a new issuer if required, often possible without recarding all cardholders
  • have granular control and visibility on the BIN and transactional costs, with direct pass through invoicing from the card scheme (Mastercard/VISA)
  • implement a BIN at card processor platform of your choice, owning the relationship directly with the Processor.

We will ensure your card programme meets the relevant Card Scheme regulations, and will manage the Card Scheme relationship.

Current Account, Virtual IBAN and Payment schemes

  • Use our platform to create unique products with the functionality of current accounts or virtual IBAN.
  • With access to various payment systems (CHAPS, BACS, FPS and coming soon Cheques and SEPA) a truly vast range of possibilities open up.


In the ever changing landscape, it is now more than ever critical to ensure that businesses are protected and adhere to the latest Money Laundering regulations. 

If your business deals with high value transactions with individuals, establishes relationships with other businesses or receives investment from individuals or businesses, it is likely that in this ever changing landscape your business will benefit from the security of performing due diligence on these relationships. 

Enumis can help take the strain of your compliance requirements and obligations by offering a number of services. This service is suitable for business such as:

  • other financial institutions,
  • programme managers,
  • high value transaction businesses
  • busineses that deal internationally especially in certain high risk jurisdictions
  • scrap metal businesses,
  • funds and asset management firms,
  • financial advisors
  • firms seeking investment
  • digitial money businesses looking to comply with regulations

and other businesses that are either subject to regulatory obligations or would benefit from KYC. compliance and risk management.