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The numerous benefits that Prepaid cards offer, has led to exponential growth in demand for Prepaid cards within the U.K. and Europe. Enumis offers a range of products to suit a variety of needs, and audiences.  


Whether you are an individual who wishes an alternative method of manage finances, or a student recently moved to the UK, we have a suitable consumer product to suit your daily needs and expenses.

We also provide financial solutions to businesses of all sizes. At Enumis we understand the important hurdles small business face who wish for a financial accessible alternative to company credit cards in order manage your expenses and employee expenditure better.


Large corporations have a multitude of fiscal and reporting requirements. Meeting operational targets to budget is imperative in day to day management. Enumis provides dynamic solutions for managing expenses for multiple projects incurring varying operational costs, to facilitating cost effective solutions as a payroll alternative. The need to be able to rapidly issue cards to your employees who are always on the go, we have a product that suits you.

In the world of ever-changing technology, Enumis is also keen to remain at the forefront of all innovative banking techniques, which is why Enumis is also able to offer online account servicing, an efficient 24/7 call centre, IVR, SMS and Mobile banking service.

In today's business environment, it is not just Financial Institutions that are subject to compliance regulations. Enumis can ensure that, as a business, you are kept 100% up to date with all financial compliance regulations. We can advise on any aspect of financial compliance and can provide the systems to assist your business stay compliant.

If you are looking to establish your own PrePaid Mastercard program, our bespoke solutions  page explains the options available to you.


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