Flow Prepaid

Your employer can pay into your account using BACS, CHAPS, SWIFT payment.

Foreigners, travellers and those with bad credit ratings may find it difficult to open a bank account as it comes with a credit lending facility and overdraft system. We are very aware of Individuals who are unable to open a bank account and when they try and are unsuccessful how it creates a negative impact on their credit rating. As such it will put you at an even worse footing when you next attempt to open an account with another bank, or apply for a loan or credit card. We do not require you to pass credit checks, although we will need to verify your identity. It's also a great way to purchase items on the internet with more security as it is not linked to your bank account and therefore your funds are safe.

You will receive as part of our service all the standard security obligations and purchase protection that we provide with all our products and services as set out in the Terms and Conditions where you can also find all our fees. 

All lost or stolen cards can be replaced within 3 to 5 working days for a small fee and you are not tied in to a contract so you can cancel your agreement with us at any time.